About NICS

Welcome to the online home of Australia’s National Indigenous Consumer Strategy

The National Indigenous Consumer Strategy is a strategy developed by all Australian States and Territories which, together with New Zealand, make up the Legislative and Governance Forum on Consumer Affairs.

The original Strategy was released by the then Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs on 1 September 2005 after a lengthy period of consultation with Indigenous consumers and both non-government and government agencies involved in delivering services to Indigenous consumers.

As the Legislative and Governance Forum on Consumer Affairs, we have accepted responsibility for the development and implementation of the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy. This Strategy demonstrates our continued shared responsibility for ensuring that Australia’s performance in Indigenous affairs is continually improved.

The Strategy will focus our efforts in working together to improve outcomes for Indigenous consumers.

Commonwealth, State and Territory consumer agencies are committed to the following strategic directions:

  • the promotion of basic consumer rights recognised by the United Nations for Indigenous people in Australia;
  • to build knowledge, confidence and awareness for Indigenous people to action their consumer rights;
  • to improve access to consumer protection services; and
  • improving market outcomes for Indigenous consumers.

We have developed an Action Plan and are committed to working co-operatively on the issues and actions identified in the plan. We are also committed to regularly reviewing our achievements against the actions and will further develop the plan in light of these achievements.

We recognise that there are many other stakeholders who make significant contributions to improving Australia’s performance regarding Indigenous consumer affairs. We invite stakeholders to adopt and implement the Action Plan.